While working in partnership with another creative agency, I worked on a printed brochure for Tesco’s career and recruitment.

Bailey of Bristol

During my time as creative director, I worked on hundreds of design projects for Bailey of Bristol. With 3 trade shows every year and multiple ad campaigns, it was also required to design brochures for every new launch.


As part of an on-going graphic design partnership, Miri GFX produced Ramtech’s new ‘Our Team’ brochure for their new OT launch in June.

Lion Court

Lion Court is a new development planned in Northhampton. Lion Court needed a new luxury investment brochure designed for their potential investment cients.

Bailey of Bristol

Bailey of Bristol is a caravan and motorhome manufacturer based in Bristol, UK. As part of my job as Creative Director at CMS International, I produced many design projects for them which covered branding, trade show material and brochures.